author Stephen Simcoe, Wednesday September 7, 2016

Everything has changed, again! Apple has announced the iPhone 7. Read our take on the new devices. [Read More]

author Alan King, Wednesday August 24, 2016

We’ve got some exciting news – or at least, we’re
pretty excited. We launched a new video! [Read More]

author Alan King, Wednesday July 20, 2016

As you may have noticed, Pokemon Go has been exploding in popularity. We decided to put together a quick post on some helpful information about the game. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday July 6, 2016

Safety information is constantly changing. The AppArmor safety platform allows you to make real-time changes to the safety information in your app. Now is a great time to review your safety app and make certain everything is accurate. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday June 29, 2016

We’ve already discussed the topic of encouraging students to report. But when real-life examples show how a student’s reporting avoided a potentially serious situation, we feel that it’s worth sharing. [Read More]