author Alan King, Wednesday January 11, 2017

Welcome back from the holidays! We here at AppArmor are hoping that you had a restful break and are looking forward to a great 2017.

And it just so happens that 2017 has kicked off with some good news. As we mentioned a few weeks ago in our last blog postBishop’s University in Sherbrooke Quebec was the first institution to receive the AppArmor Referral bonus. Well, we’re proud to announce our second recipients of the AppArmor Referral bonus: Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dalhousie University (DalSafe) recommended their neighbours at the Memorial University of Newfoundland to the AppArmor safety app platform. A few months later, Memorial was proud to announce the launch of their own safety app called MUN Safe.

Thanks to the referral by Dalhousie, Memorial University saved a cool $500 on the development of their safety app. Dalhousie for their part is still deciding how to spend their $500 for campus safety initiatives. They’ve appealed to student members of their Campus Security staff for more ideas; so far a 2nd round pilot project of in-house anxiety therapy puppies is leading the way. Who doesn’t like puppies?!

MUN Safe represents one of the latest apps on the platform. AppArmor is currently live with or developing for over 70 organizations across the globe and growing fast. It’s all thanks to the wonderful support we get from our partner institutions.

Congratulations to the team at Dalhousie, specifically Jacob MacIsaac (pictured below with the Dal $500 cheque) who made the recommendation. Sharing your AppArmor recommendation helped benefit not only your peers at MUN but also the students of Dalhousie.

(This image was also shared on the Dal Security Instagram)