author Alan King, Wednesday December 14, 2016

As many of you know every institution on the AppArmor platform is able to refer us to another institution who is currently not on our platform. If that other organization ends up working with us, then they get a $500 discount on their app and your institution gets a $500 check for on-campus safety initiatives. It’s a win-win-win!

Well, Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke Quebec is the first institution to receive that $500 check. They recommended the Université de Sherbrooke who ended up working with AppArmor. UdeS launched their app, SécuritéUdeS, in September 2016.

What did Bishop’s do with the $500? They built on their strong relationship with UdeS and the Sherbooke Police department to make a bilingual active shooter preparedness video. It’s pretty great and you can find it at the links below. They even show how push notifications work!

English Version:

French Version:

Congratulations to the team at Bishop’s University and especially Jeff MacDonald who made the recommendation! Your leadership in promoting referring AppArmor helped make people safer all across Sherbrooke. Way to go!

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