author Alan King, Wednesday November 2, 2016

Every Oct 20th the West Coast of North America prepares for a potentially very serious situation - a major earthquake along the tectonic fault lines which rocks the continent.

Institutions in Canada and the US on the AppArmor platform, drop, cover, and hold on while also testing their emergency alert systems. All of which is coordinated with emergency response agencies in the appropriate provinces and states.

We're happy to report that the AppArmor platform, specifically in the context of push notifications, performed exceptionally well.

Ken Arnold, the Chief of Police at Napa Valley College (NVC) said that "NVC Safe was a rock out performed all our other alert systems." These other systems include and SMS alert system among others.

This result was consistent with all our institutions on the coast. We're thrilled to see how our push notifications system performed. It also reinforces how Push Notifications are an increasingly viewed as a superior form of digital mass notification when compared to other SMS and Email options

A big congratulations to all institutions who participated and sent push notifications using their AppArmor safety app. We'll see you next year!