author Marlee Hirson, Friday August 28, 2015

You have likely heard the saying 'timing is everything' before. When it comes to marketing your school's safety app and driving student downloads, this is certainly. Different events and holidays during the semester present valuable opportunities to reach students and increase app downloads. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Friday August 28, 2015

Safety plans are purposefully very detailed, which is helpful in the sense that they cover all aspects of a situation. However, when it comes to application, they aren’t the best. In most cases, there is simply too much information for a staff member or university student to remember in the event of a high-stress crisis. The irony is that the more comprehensive the plan, the harder it can be for someone to process and action. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Monday August 24, 2015

Camosun College has just released a new custom mobile safety app for their campus, designed by AppArmor Mobile. The mobile safety app provides students and faculty members with mass notification for emergencies, interactive campus maps, a personal safety toolbox, and more. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Friday August 21, 2015

A common inquiry we have at AppArmor is why we use a suite of apps, as opposed to a single safety app. The initial question customers have is how are they going to get students to download more than one mobile app. We prepare the suite of apps in an App Bundle, which is featured on the App Store. App bundles allow you to communicate with other apps, directing user communication through your school's mobile safety app. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Monday August 17, 2015

The ability to utilize download, subscriber, and in-app usage data is incredibly helpful in accessing the effectiveness of your mobile safety app. The data can be analyzed to tweak mobile features or even marketing approaches. However, using vanity metrics in assessment is a common pitfall that you want to avoid. [Read More]