author Alan King, Wednesday May 17, 2017

Campus law enforcement and security services is a dangerous industry. Thousands of campus security and police personnel put their life on the line every day to make places of higher education safe for the students, faculty and staff that attend them.

Since 1923, 43 campus law enforcement heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the institutions and constituents they serve. IACLEA, the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, held a touching ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington to honour the fallen personnel.

“For me, this ceremony was an understandably solemn occasion, and I found it very difficult to hold back my emotions as the 43 names were read aloud.” Said Chief Randy Burba, IACLEA President.

IACLEA approached AppArmor to organize the production of a video for the ceremony. We are always impressed by the professionalism, integrity, and dedication of campus law enforcement personnel. It was an honour to be approached by IACLEA to sponsor this very special video and we were glad to have played a small role.

We encourage all AppArmor partner institutions to watch the powerful video, which can be found here. As well, we encourage you to spread the message either through meetings, websites, social media, or other venues. In sharing it, we further honour the fallen.