author Alan King, Wednesday February 3, 2021

Hello AppArmor Network!

Today we have some exciting updates regarding improvements to our support systems. We continue to put some more time into improving the support ticket process and updating written and video documentation. The changes are meant to improve both your ability to solve a problem yourself and get help if you need it.

For starters, we've improved the way we handle support tickets. As some of you may know, we use a third party platform for our support tickets; the feedback we received from you is that it wasn't ideal to have login credentials for the third party system as well as the AppArmor dashboard. As such, we've worked with our support vendor and now we're proud to announce that you can create, view and manage all of your support tickets in the AppArmor Dashboard.

To get there, login to your dashboard and click "Support" on the left hand side. Then select "Tickets".

After your click that, you'll be taken to the new Tickets page. This includes the ability to create a ticket, include media (photos/screenshots and videos, which we highly recommend to include in any support ticket) and view phone options. 

If you scroll down this page, you'll find a history of all previous tickets including their current status. Statuses include open, closed, and escalated.

Clicking on "Details" will give the specific details of the ticket, including all interactions you've had with AppArmor Support staff.

In addition to the support ticket changes, we've begun a major overhaul of our platform documentation. We're not done yet, but at this point we've reorganized the documentation into five overarching categories:

  1. About AppArmor: Company Information
  2. Announcements: New feature announcements
  3. Dashboard: Support for all things dashboard related and release notes for the Dashboard
  4. Mobile: Support for all mobile app functionality and release notes for Mobile App functions
  5. Customer Support: Information on our SLAs and FAQs.

During this reorganization, we also eliminated a number of unnecessary or old articles. Generally, it should be easier to navigate. We'll provide updates over the coming weeks as we continue to improve our systems documentation.

Customer support is certainly one of the strengths of AppArmor - we hope you think so too! That said, we're always looking for feedback to help us improve. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out to your AppArmor contact.

Till next time,