author Alan King, Tuesday February 16, 2021

Hello AppArmor! 

The start to 2021 has been very exciting. A few weeks ago, we announced our brand new "Designer App Preview" and last week we announced our exciting changes to Customer Support. Today we're thrilled to announce another new capability: the AppArmor Apple Watch Panic Button App.

The AppArmor Panic Button App allows your users to discreetly trigger a distress alert from their Apple Watch device to the security / police team that operates your safety program through AppArmor. This simple app consists primarily of a single panic button. Optionally, end users can configure the app to share your location during an event. That way, responders will know where your end user is located when the panic button was pressed. The app can also be added to your watch face for quick access.

The Apple Watch "Watch Face" screen with the AppArmor Panic Button App (middle bottom button)

The AppArmor Panic Button app is available for download from the Apple Watch App Store.  You can download the app directly from your Apple watch using the “App Store” app and searching for “AppArmor Panic Button”, or by visiting:

Rather than building software for other kinds of panic buttons, we chose the Apple Watch for a number of reasons. The first is its considerable market popularity; Apple makes and supports high quality products and the Apple Watch is a big part of its strategy going forward. As well, the Apple Watch requires no additional hardware other than the watch itself. Many other solutions involve complicated installations or changes to WiFi settings; with AppArmor's Apple Watch Panic Button App, those are "non-issues".

Left to right: A panic button prior to being triggered, the Apple Watch app after the panic has been triggered

The intended end user of this app could be anyone from a specific subset of users at your organization (VIP users), users who travel frequently and could be in potentially dangerous situations (some healthcare workers, energy company staff members), or even large populations in your immediate jurisdiction (teachers at a K12 school, college students and staff). Ultimately, there are many use-cases for the AppArmor Apple Watch Panic Button App.

To learn more about this new capability, reach out to your AppArmor contact today. They would be happy to show you this innovative offering in the panic button space. 

Till next time!