author Alan King, Tuesday February 8, 2022

Hello AppArmor! Today we have an important announcement from our Co-Founder and CEO, David Sinkinson. 


To AppArmor customers,

In 2011, AppArmor set out to become the innovators of public safety. Over the years we’ve made huge strides in helping you keep your people safe. Today, Chris and I are letting you know that we’ve taken another big step in our mission. 

We are excited to announce that AppArmor has joined the Rave Mobile Safety family as of February 1 2022. Rave Mobile Safety is the leading provider of critical communication and data trusted by state and local government, higher education, K12 schools, corporations and other entities to help save lives. This combination of two industry leaders and ultimate integration of the solutions we provide will benefit both AppArmor and Rave’s customers.

I want to personally assure you that your organization will not be negatively impacted by this in any way. In fact, I am confident that we will be in a position to serve you even better as part of the Rave family. You will continue to be able to leverage the powerful capabilities of your AppArmor solution without interruption. Chris and I also aren't going anywhere - we're here to support you during this transition and beyond.

Thank you for believing in us thus far. This is an exciting next chapter for AppArmor and I'm looking forward to where this journey will take us. If you have any questions about this announcement don't hesitate to reach out to myself, Chris, or your AppArmor representative.

Thank you!
David Sinkinson
AppArmor Co-Founder and CEO