author Alan King, Tuesday March 22, 2022

Hello AppArmor Customers!

We've got some exciting news to share with you this morning - we've launched a new feature, known as the "Social Escape" function. The Social Escape feature allows your end users to get out of a difficult / potentially dangerous social situation by calling them and giving them an excuse to leave. Here's how it works:

- Users will open your app and choose the Social Escape button.

- The user will then enter their information (phone number) and indicate when they want the system to call them (e.g. 30 seconds).

- The app will then call them from 888-519-4933 within the specified amount of time. 

- The user will then tell the people in their social situation that they need to answer the call and exit the social situation. The user should  continue walking until they are safe. The system will play the audio message below multiple times to give them enough time to leave.

Audio Message: "Thank you for using the Social Escape Function in the Demo App by Rave. This feature allows you to escape from an awkward or dangerous social situation.  We will now pause so you can acknowledge this call and inform those around you that you are leaving. [PAUSE] You should now exit the social situation. Please leave the area. This message will repeat two more times and then hang up. The message is now complete and the call will end. Goodbye."

Here's a quick video on the feature:

If you’d like more information, including pricing and implementation items, reach out to your AppArmor contact.

Until next time!

The AppArmor Team