author Alan King, Tuesday May 18, 2021

Hello AppArmor Network!

This morning we're proud to announce a very exciting new module for our mobile app platform: the Vaccine Passport. The Vaccine Passport is meant to provide a way for your end users (students, faculty, employees, etc.) to send your confirmation of vaccination and consequently allow them access to your premises. 

The feature is a response to an upcoming need that our team saw: your people are going to need to be able to come back to your premises and you need to be able to securely confirm their vaccination status. This is particularly true for organizations that are requiring individuals to be vaccinated prior to returning to work or school. 

It's a pretty straightforward process for users to get a Vaccine Passport via the AppArmor platform. There are three steps:

  1. The end user opens your custom branded AppArmor Safety app and "applies" for a passport using in-app form fields. During that process they provide their contact information and upload an image or screenshot of their record of vaccination from a trusted authority. Note, a website option can also be made available for non-app users.
  2. The end user's Vaccine Passport application is then reviewed (or automatically approved) by your system administrators.
  3. Once approved, the end user is provided with a notification that lets them know their application has been approved and they have a valid Vaccine Passport. They are provided with an in-app QR code which confirms the successful application.
Now we know what you're thinking - that seems pretty simple and there's a lot more to it. Whether it's end user privacy, access control / one card integration, or other pieces, there's a lot more to be explained that we can't get through in one blog post. We completely agree.

So to that end, we're hosting a webinar on the topic on next Wednesday May 26th 2021 at 2pm EST. To register for the webinar, please do so here: . You will be sent the connection details after you've registered.

Note, we will also be distributing a recording of the webinar to all individuals registered on Thursday morning. Even if you can't make the webinar time, please register your interest and we can ensure your get the recording.

The Vaccine Passport module is definitely a considerable new offering on our mobile platform. We're excited to show it off to you next week!

The AppArmor Team