author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday December 2, 2015

We’ve gotten many questions from users of our custom mobile safety apps about why permissions are required and what data is collected. So we thought we’d go into more detail about the topic of app permissions. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday November 25, 2015

While AppArmor offers unlimited push notifications, many schools vary in how they use this feature; some use them more often than others. One of our best practices is finding the middle ground for how often your school should send out push notifications. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday November 18, 2015

A recent article by Academica discusses an important topic regarding university and college campuses across North America – sexual violence. One of the points is that academic institutions need to put proposed policies into action in order to see a result. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday November 11, 2015

Social media is everywhere. For many, it’s the most dominant source of information. Whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, or instant messaging, we receive updates about current events at an exceptionally fast rate. This can be a great thing as it can keep people informed in a crisis. But it can also be a bad thing. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday November 4, 2015

The article, “6 Ways a Prototype Can Prevent a Mobile UI Disaster”, by highlights an aspect of AppArmor’s design process, which is the importance of digital prototypes. Digital prototypes are not only important for the design process of our apps, but for the safety aspect as well. [Read More]