author Alan King, Wednesday September 20, 2017

It's a busy time here at AppArmor! On top of launching with dozens more institutions across the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe (bringing our total over the century mark!) we're also excited to announce a new exclusive partnership.

But first things first - let's talk about Alberta. We're excited to announce our growing presence in the province. We recently issued a press release with the good folks at Medicine Hat CollegeLakeland College and the University of Alberta. Each of those institutions are now live on the AppArmor Custom Mobile Safety App platform. These institutions are joining the over 60 we already have using our custom safety app platform across Canada alone and are further proof of our growing presence in the province.

What's more, a few other institutions in Alberta are signed up but aren't live yet. You can expect to see Grand Prairie Regional College and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) on the platform in the coming months, among others. In fact, NAIT (as they announced here) selected AppArmor for a large RFP that includes the full deployment of AppArmor Alert.

Secondly, hello Kansas! Specifically the Kansas Association of School Boards. AppArmor also announced today an exclusive partnership with the KASB to become the Official Mobile Safety App solution for Kansas schools. This is a pretty exciting development for us; while we do have a few K12 schools on the platform - Florida State High School, Bishops College School and others - this is the first time an entire school board system for a state has chosen AppArmor as the exclusive and official vendor.

Our September has been great - we hope yours has been too!

Stay tuned for more announcements coming in the next few weeks, including another new partnership and a brand new (and awesome) feature.

Have any questions about our progress in Alberta? Or in Kansas? Don't be afraid to comment below.