author Alan King, Wednesday August 16, 2017

Fall is crucial for marketing and promoting your safety app – especially to first year students. It’s obviously important to get students to download your safety app and the beginning of the school year is one of the best opportunities to make that happen.

But fall is also a competitive time. It's when clubs, sports teams, and other campus groups are all trying to get the attention of students. This is why it’s so important for your team to start planning for your Fall term marketing push. The summer months, particularly August, present an invaluable opportunity to plan to make your marketing push as strong as possible.

Now is a great time to gather your team and discuss what has worked in the past and what new marketing ideas you want to try. Getting all the marketing content ready now will save you time and stress once things really start rolling.Some of the basics for marketing your app are straightforward:

  •  Use the available materials in your marketing launch toolkit (let us know if you need it updated)
  •  Get student volunteers involved if you can as students tend to respond well to other students
  •  Explore digital (like social media) and traditional (like posters) channels for marketing the app

But we’ve also seen some impressive outside the box thinking! For instance, the good folks at Santa Fe College led by Chief Ed Book in Gainesville Florida have had custom coasters made for the campus pub which feature the app (pictured below).

The team at Mohawk College led by Cathy O'Donnell and Rob Davis had custom made iPhone cases. They even put big stickers for their Campus Security Jeeps (pictured below)

And Gordon Bass at Florida State College at Jacksonville even did an information video with local student groups:

We hope this helps get your marketing efforts going for the Fall! If you could, please comment with what you did at your institution (good or bad) for the benefit of the entire AppArmor community. We’d love to know what works and what doesn’t so that we can all be successful.

Till next time,