author Marlee Hirson, Tuesday August 11, 2015

Campus security and safety is a top priority for all university and college campuses, as millions of dollars are allocated towards safety resources for students, faculty, and staff. During the first few weeks of school, new students are provided with information on all the safety resources available to them. The problem is that these resources are easily lost in the whirlwind of information during the first few weeks of a new school year. If students don’t know the resources available to them, what use are the resources to them?

During an emergency, an individual has only a few minutes of response time. These few minutes are critical in determining the outcome of the crisis. If an individual is scrambling to find safety resources or they don’t get the necessary information in time, the window of opportunity becomes smaller.

Utilizing Your Safety Resources

The worst-case scenario would be a student not knowing what to do during an emergency situation. With that in mind, any security or police department will want to consider how a student will react to the emergency and how they are able to access their campus safety resources. For instance, if the student has all the campus safety contact information in one place, the response time will be shortened significantly and they will have an efficient way to contact the campus security or police department.

With one download of your school’s custom safety app, a student has all the hotlines and information needed to stay connected to the school’s security network.

Bottom Line: Awareness and Accessibility

We believe that the effectiveness of campus safety comes down to awareness and accessibility on the user end. A school can have the best safety services available, but if students do not know how to quickly access these resources, emergency reaction times can be stalled. A student may not be able to get the help they need in time.

The days of a student having to memorize their school's emergency numbers are long gone; they simply need to have a single application on their phone. Aggregation creates a more efficient way for students to utilize your school’s safety resources.

Does aggregation in mobile safety matter to your school? How do use your app to aggregate valuable safety resources? Do you have any examples of how your safety app played a role in saving lives? Comment below and let us know!

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