author Marlee Hirson, Friday August 28, 2015

You have likely heard the saying 'timing is everything' before. When it comes to marketing your school's safety app and driving student downloads, this is certainly the case. Different events and holidays during the semester present valuable opportunities to reach students and increase app downloads.

The Orientation Week Dilemma

Orientation week is an obvious time window for marketing to both new students and upper years. But the problem with marketing during this time is that it’s difficult to have a voice amongst the many others that are trying to communicate their own marketing message. This is why it’s important to know when other campus services and student groups usually launch their marketing campaigns, so you can plan your initial launch to be a bit before, as well as during.

Another option is to market your safety app just after orientation week, when most of the noise from student groups has died down. That way you will reach students who you may have missed during the hectic orientation period.

Don't Forget The Holidays

Holidays present a great window for reaching students and obtaining a high download rate. Social holidays that involve drinking and themed parties, such as St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, offer a smooth transition for marketing your mobile safety app. Not only will students be more engaged on social media, but you can easily highlight the relevance of the app’s safety features during these holidays and incorporate holiday colour schemes into your mobile safety app’s holiday branding.

Frost week is another example of an opportunity for marketing your mobile safety app. Frost week marks the first week back after the Christmas holidays and typically draws a strong social buzz from students. There is generally a spike in drinking and partying in students, which can be used to emphasize the benefits of the safety app and its safety features.

By taking advantage of seasonal events and school specific occasions during the year, your marketing efforts can be more successful and increase student downloads. Timing is a powerful tool for marketing your mobile safety app, which is why your school should take advantage of timing opportunities.

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Comment By Steve Forbes, Sunday September 6, 2015 at 9:56 AM

If your department uses Twitter, the use of hashtags can help you promote your app.  During our move in, we tweeted our SAFEGRYPHON all using popular hashtags for our move in.  e.g #uofgmovein.  If you did a search on that hashtag a pic of various pictures that people tweeted as well as our poster for SAFEGRYPHON
Comment By AppArmor, Monday September 14, 2015 at 9:29 AM

Great comment, Steve! Hashtags are incredibly useful for promoting a mobile safety app and can drive a lot of attention from students.