author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday October 14, 2015

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and appreciation for leftover turkey, the AppArmor team has reflected on the past year and for what we are thankful. AppArmor has grown tremendously this past year, as we’ve had a number of new schools sign on with us. We are incredibly thankful for our awesome relationships with new and existing schools!

Now, let’s get to the gravy of this. Here’s a few things that we’re thankful for in our client relationships:

  1. Clear communication. Our ability to effectively collaborate with our institutional partners makes for a strong relationship between us and our schools. Open, free flowing communication allows us to address any questions or concerns from our partner institutions immediately, helping everyone to find a solution. This builds trust between us and our customers, and leads to more people feeling safe.

    Also – fast and efficient responses is something that we prioritize within our team. Our safety apps are time efficient and reactive, and this is something we try to model in how we respond to our schools.

  2. Interacting person-to-person, rather than client-to-customer. There’s a reason why our mobile apps are customized specifically for each school. Customization allows for each school’s needs to be properly assessed in their safety app’s feature set and dashboard settings. This customization is created by engaging with customers on the same level and allows us to have a stronger relationship with our partner schools. Their needs, safety concerns, and campus specifics are established right off the bat. Our client schools are not just a number to us, but a valued customer who we work with personally.

  3. Dedication to campus safety is shared goal between us and our partner institutions. We sincerely appreciate of all the effort and enthusiasm from our schools in finding effective solutions for making students and faculty safe on campus. To us, no idea is a bad ideal; in fact it’s what’s made us so successful to date!

Thanksgiving is about enjoying the company of loved ones and our mission is to keep campuses safe with our mobile safety apps so students and faculty members can continue to enjoy being with their loved ones. The key lessons we’ve learned from our relationship with our partner institutions has played a significant role in the development of our mobile safety apps. 

Our partner institutions show tremendous support by writing guest blog posts and utilizing their social media channels. This in turn, helps drive user downloads up and makes students more aware of the safety resources that they can use to protect themselves. The strong relationships with our partner institutions are part of why AppArmor continues to expand at a rapid rate and continues to drive forward with our goal of making university and college campuses safer.

Do you have any feedback for our posts? Comment below and tell us what you think! We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!