author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday September 30, 2015

Safety in numbers proves to be true in virtually all situations regarding personal safety. There are far too many reports detailing incidents of both women and men being assaulted while walking through campus alone at night.

School campuses have implemented programs to reduce the threat of having to walk alone at night with services that send personnel (usually other students or security members) to accompany an individual on their walk home. Naturally, as numbers increase in a group, the likelihood of a member of that group being assaulted decreases. This holds true digitally, as using a mobile safety app can harness the power of numbers.

More Eyes on Your Campus  

The ability to take a picture of suspicious activity and send it to a campus security team means that potentially threatening situations will be investigated right away. The photo-email feature lets a user simply take a picture of the situation with their phone’s camera and send it directly to campus security teams. With a way for students to report suspicious activity, there are now more eyes on your campus and a greater likelihood of stopping an incident before it happens.

A real life example of our mobile safety app playing a role in campus emergencies is when Guelph University’s safety app, SAFEGyphon, sent a push notification informing students and faculty of a stabbing arrest made on campus. You can read the news story here.

Knowing that you have the ability to potentially stop a dangerous situation from happening in your own community is empowering. It’s also comforting knowing that more people are able to report and send in security teams for suspicious activity. Your campus becomes a safer place when others are encouraged to react to suspicious activity by having the tools to do so.

The Importance of Downloads

However, the ability to react to suspicious activity requires students to be able to send the photo to campus security, which requires the mobile safety app. Without downloads, the capability doesn’t exist or isn’t as accessible. Your mobile safety app has a much bigger impact when it has an engaged student body and userbase who are aware of the app’s features and capabilities. Having a well thought-out, concise marketing plan will have a huge effect in getting downloads, which is discussed further in the article “Get Downloads for Your Mobile Safety App”.   

Working Together

The photo-email feature of a custom mobile safety app can help prevent unwanted incidents on campus and encourage student engagement with the app. The more students there are who using the app and are aware of its features, the greater the result will be in safety response times and incident reports. By working together to keep on eye on your campus, there is safety in numbers.

What do you think of the email-photo capability of our apps? Do you have any suggestions for getting more student downloads? Leave us a comment or message us directly!

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