author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday April 27, 2016

We know that our partner institutions are dedicated and enthusiastic about mobile safety. Putting advanced technological tools in the hands of your students plays a pivotal role in making your community a safer place.

Spreading the Word

Our survey responses told us that our customers are very likely to recommend AppArmor to a friend or colleague at another institution. This didn’t shock us too much, as we’ve had many occasions where new institutions have approached us thanks to a conversation with you.

You talk a lot about us – to your students and colleagues at other institutions. We want to support you when you support us.

We’re excited to announce that any of our current customers who recommends us to a colleague at another institution that moves ahead with us will receive a $500 donation towards safety initiatives on their campus. Simply put, if you recommend us and they move ahead, we donate $500 towards safety initiatives on your campus.

A Win-Win Situation

You’ll also be saving your colleague some money on their development fee. Any recommendation also gives the recommended institution a $500 discount on their app, should they choose to move forward with us.

You can recommend AppArmor in your online dashboard. We’ve added a “Recommend” option at the top of the dashboard interface – click it to get started.

Recommending AppArmor is a win-win. You could receive $500 for safety initiatives and save your colleague $500 on their development fee. You also help spread the word about our custom mobile safety app solution which can help people stay safe.

What safety initiatives do you have on campus? Do you know of any institutions looking to improve their campus safety technology? Comment below and let us know what you think of this recommendation idea!

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