author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday June 22, 2016

We’re excited to announce that AppArmor is starting to expand into new industries to help improve safety. In addition to postsecondary institutions, AppArmor is now designing custom mobile safety apps for police departments, hospitals, and municipalities.

Being able to customize safety features gives AppArmor the flexibility to build safety apps for different industries. The push notification feature alerts hospitals, police departments, and municipalities about an emergency as soon as it happens. Being able to communicate quickly and effectively during an emergency is something which is valued by many different kinds of organizations.

Recommending AppArmor

AppArmor’s expansion into different industries also means that AppArmor’s “Recommend Us” option is applicable for organizations in different industries. When you recommend AppArmor to another organization, we donate $500 towards any safety initiative on your campus. We also give the organization you recommend a $500 discount off of their safety app.

Maintaining the Same Standard of Customer Support

Moving into new industries will have no affect on our customer service and support with existing clients. AppArmor will still maintain the same standard of service and commitment, so you won’t have to worry about customer service levels dropping. We value the partnership we have with all of our existing clients.

Our goal is to help organizations make people safer. We work towards that goal by providing affordable and effective safety solutions for different types of institutions. You can play a role in keeping people safe by recommending AppArmor to a friend or colleague at another organization.

What do you think of using the AppArmor platform in other industries? Do you think mobile safety apps will be just as effective in other industries? Comment below and let us know what you think!