author Marlee Hirson, Tuesday January 19, 2016

Most campuses across North America have a walk home or safety patrol service that links students with personnel (usually fellow students or campus security) to accompany them to their destination on or around campus. This service is frequently used by students, as it provides them with a sense of security and peace of mind, especially when walking alone at night.

One of AppArmor’s newest feature is the “Virtual Walkhome” tool, which allows campus security or campus police to monitor a user’s walk using the online dashboard. If a user feels unsafe when walking on campus, they can request Virtual Walkhome and a dispatcher on the other end will monitor their journey until they reach their destination. A user feels safe knowing that they are monitored by security and in the case of an emergency, campus security teams can pinpoint the user’s location immediately.

A history of completed virtual walks is stored in the dashboard which can be used to assess areas that have more walks requested, providing schools with information about areas students feel unsafe.

For more information about this feature, reach out to us at

AppArmor is committed to keeping students safe on campus by continuously working to develop and improve customized features and tools. If you have any questions or input about our safety features, don't hesitate to comment below!

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