author Alan King, Wednesday April 17, 2019

Good morning AppArmor Network! We've got a pretty interesting story for you today.

The team at Lincoln University in Christchurch New Zealand used their app to initiate a lockdown and keep their students, faculty, and staff informed during the horrific terrorist attacks in Christchurch last month. Our public relations folks put together a quick piece on it - check it out below.


Much of the world was shocked and saddened on Friday, March 15, 2019, when a terrorist incident occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand. Two consecutive mass shootings occurred at the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre that resulted in the deaths of 50 people and injury of 50 more.

Lincoln University, an institution that uses AppArmor technology which is based approximately 20 minutes from the shooting, acted quickly and, in conjunction with armed regional police, initiated a campus lockdown. Fear had spread on campus that the attackers may have also considered an attack on the campus’ Muslim Prayer Room.

The lockdown consisted of an emergency notification via the SafeLU app (powered by AppArmor) and a simultaneous “loud siren” emergency alert.  The notifications from the app traveled over both Wi-Fi and cell networks, reaching all Lincoln University users in one to five seconds. Users were then guided into the SafeLU app, where they received additional details, including the current campus conditions, severity of the incident, and specific instructions regarding the fluid situation. The Lincoln University Emergency Management group provided students, faculty, and staff timely, relevant, and accurate information.


Above: Lockdown notifications via the SafeLU safety and emergency alert app (times in EST)

Authorities lifted the lockdown after approximately three hours, once conditions were confirmed safe and a staged evacuation had been completed. Police in the region were, as described by the Lincoln University team, “delighted” with the response at the institution. Traditionally, incidents of this severity would lead to widespread panic and misinformation; the municipal police were impressed in the effective ability that Lincoln University had via the SafeLU app to quickly communicate instructions to the whole campus, while also minimizing the spread of disinformation. 

Hundreds of AppArmor clients across the globe follow the model that Lincoln University personnel deployed.. The ability to quickly issue timely emergency alerts, whether via AppArmor Safety custom branded apps or AppArmor Alert Unified Emergency Notification System, is a pillar of the AppArmor platform.


We thought this was a powerful example of how our apps can help institutions both notify and inform their end users during crises. If you have any questions about this, or our unified emergency notification system (AppArmor Alert), don't hesitate to comment below or reach out to your AppArmor representative.

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