author Alan King, Thursday August 9, 2018

Hello AppArmor Nation!

Some exciting news from our folks in the Maritimes today. The good folks at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada won a major award for their app – DalSafe . For their excellent work in promoting and utilizing the app on their campus, the team was awarded with a “Dalhousie Legacy Award”. Below we’ve included an image of the tweet marking the occasion:

According to the Dalhousie Legacy Awards Website, the Dalhousie Legacy Awards recognize a number of university-wide awards, selected for their alignment with Dalhousie Strategic Priorities. The Legacy Awards, introduced in 2018 as part of the university's 200th anniversary celebrations, assist in helping Dalhousie create a culture of respect and recognition for employees at all levels.

DalSafe is the 16th app we ever deployed (we're around 190 right now!) at a higher education institution and has been live since 2014. The team at Dal are perfect example of how to keep your AppArmor Safety App up to date and how to refresh its content to keep new generations of users engaged. They are AppArmor platform gurus, so we’d encourage you to reach out to them to not only congratulate them, but also get advice on some of the best practices they’ve learned over the years.

Again, congratulations Dalhousie Security! You’ve made everyone here and at your institution #DalProud

Until next time,

The AppArmor Team