author Marlee Hirson, Tuesday February 9, 2016

SAFEHawk, Wilfrid Laurier University’s custom mobile safety app developed by AppArmor was named one of three “Three Game Changing Apps for Students”.

We are flattered to have been included as one of the “game-changing” apps and are always motivated by hearing how our safety apps help make students safer on campus. One of our priorities with AppArmor safety apps is to find the most efficient way of getting emergency responders in contact with users and gettings users the help they need in the fastest possible time. It’s great to get recognized for doing just that!

We got thinking though - what qualifies as a game changing app? The article describes these types of apps as being innovative and able to “provide students with accurate, real-time information, organizational tools, security features and direct two-way communication”.

Taking Emergency Communication to the Next Level

With that in mind it’s easy to see why SAFEHAWK was chosen; we and WLU have taken emergency communication to the next level. The push notification feature received positive feedback from users because the app is more “immediate and engaging” than other mediums of communication. We agree that the key is a more dynamic way to communicate with students.

While SAFEHAWK has many great communication features, we’ve actually gone further and introduced a “chat with dispatch” feature which allows students to instantly message campus security or police anonymous tips or to request help. This is just another form of dynamic communication between users and the Campus Police force.

New Features

Other new features such as “Virtual Walkhome” and “Chat with Dispatch” have been added to the platform, which has had a strong positive response from students and campus security teams at campuses where these features are in use. Students use the Chat with Dispatch feature to inform campus security teams of suspicious or illegal activity, as well as if they need a way to discretely request help.

Again, we’re flattered to be the developers of a game changing app. We look forward to taking our game changing platform to more partner institutions across the globe!

What communication methods do you use to engage with students? Did you use the SAFEHawk app during the crisis last fall? What other forms of communication do you think would be valuable in a custom mobile safety app?