author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday October 21, 2015

Mobile safety apps are marketed primarily towards students, which makes sense because students make up the majority of a university or college population. But what you should keep in mind is that mobile safety apps designed for school campuses are not just for students. It’s important to encourage your staff to download the safety app and use it as well.

It’s just as important for university staff to feel safe in their environment as it is for students, which is why staff should be encouraged to use your school’s mobile safety app. Our mobile app features are designed with realistic situations in mind and these types of situations are not just specific to students.

Everyday Situations 

Situations involving alcohol are frequently brought up when discussing safety in university or college campuses. This topic is undeniably important, but the need for safety is present in daily situations. Walking to one’s car after dark can cause anxiety for many people, especially in isolated areas, such as a parking garage, or an area without streetlights. This type of situation occurs for both students and faculty members, which is why a safety app is a valuable tool for both. A custom mobile app is an app that is designed to cater to everyone at your school.

Having university staff subscribe to the app increases campus safety, as the article “Safety in Numbers” touches upon. Our mobile safety app has a photo-email feature, which allows users to take a photo of a suspicious scene or suspect and email the photo to campus security. This means that there are more eyes on your campus when you get your staff involved with your school’s mobile safety app.

Keeping Faculty in the Loop

Our mobile safety apps have a push notification feature, meaning that users will receive an alert or message containing important safety information for everyone on campus. Campus staff should be receiving safety alerts and information, but if the safety app is marketed only to students, many faculty members may not be aware of the app, especially in larger schools.

You may not need a marketing plan to get your staff to download the app but you will need to plan how you will inform your staff about the safety app and its features. Depending on faculty size, some options may be to hold a meeting that introduces staff to the app and how to use it, or for larger campuses, sending out an email to faculty members and staff.

One of the reasons why we believe in custom mobile safety apps is that the safety app should be branded towards your school as a whole, meaning that students shouldn’t be the only users. Your faculty and staff are a vital part of your school and can benefit from the safety app just as much as students.

Have your school’s faculty members downloaded the app? What do they think of it? If you’re interested in how mobile safety apps can be useful to your staff, post a comment or shoot us a message!

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