author Marlee Hirson, Thursday March 3, 2016

Congratulations to Chief Adam Garcia on being recognized as Police Director of the Year! [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Monday October 19, 2015

During the lockdown at Laurier, the university used the campus mobile safety app, “SAFEHawk”, to send push notifications to students and faculty that alerted them about the lockdown and further updates. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Friday September 11, 2015

Mobile safety for students on campus has been a trending topic this past week, with CTV highlighting how Universities across the Maritimes are focusing on campus safety. Universities are educating students about campus safety and highlighting the mobile safety app, DalSAFE that acts as a safety resource for students. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Monday August 24, 2015

Camosun College has just released a new custom mobile safety app for their campus, designed by AppArmor Mobile. The mobile safety app provides students and faculty members with mass notification for emergencies, interactive campus maps, a personal safety toolbox, and more. [Read More]