author Marlee Hirson, Wednesday September 30, 2015

Safety in numbers proves to be true in virtually all situations regarding personal safety. Naturally, as numbers increase in a group, the likelihood of a member of that group being assaulted decreases. This holds true digitally, as using a mobile safety app can harness the power of numbers. [Read More]

author Jacob MacIsaac, Monday September 14, 2015

We are confident that students are safe on campus, but that isn’t enough. It is important that students not only are safe, but also that they feel safe. Feeling safe is such an important part of post-secondary education.

"As a student, I can tell you that university can bring some of the best times, but can also bring some of the most stressful ones as well," says Lauren Jeffs, Third Year Commerce Student. "Students come from all over Canada and are suddenly disconnected with their family, friends and the resources that they have previously known and grown up with. It can all be terribly overwhelming and intimidating finding your way around a new city, meeting new people and all the while adjusting to a higher standard of education." [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Friday September 11, 2015

Mobile safety for students on campus has been a trending topic this past week, with CTV highlighting how Universities across the Maritimes are focusing on campus safety. Universities are educating students about campus safety and highlighting the mobile safety app, DalSAFE that acts as a safety resource for students. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Friday August 28, 2015

You have likely heard the saying 'timing is everything' before. When it comes to marketing your school's safety app and driving student downloads, this is certainly. Different events and holidays during the semester present valuable opportunities to reach students and increase app downloads. [Read More]

author Marlee Hirson, Friday August 28, 2015

Safety plans are purposefully very detailed, which is helpful in the sense that they cover all aspects of a situation. However, when it comes to application, they aren’t the best. In most cases, there is simply too much information for a staff member or university student to remember in the event of a high-stress crisis. The irony is that the more comprehensive the plan, the harder it can be for someone to process and action. [Read More]